Picnic Perfection

As fall approaches, you may be looking for creative reasons to get outside and enjoy the slightly cooler weather or soak up the last bit of summer. Well, here’s an idea: picnic in the park! What better way to bask in the loveliness of the changing seasons?

Pleasant Grove Park—a staple of Fluvanna County—features picnic areas and the Rivanna River in addition to several fields that can be used for sports, and over 20 miles’ worth of trails to explore with a variety of plants and animals to observe.

Pack a basket with lunch from the deli at E.W. Thomas Grocery Store, lie back on your picnic blanket, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature around you. Take a walk through the trails as the leaves start to change, and let yourself once again be amazed by the world with a childlike sense of wonder.

When you’re finished soaking up all that outdoor radiance, head over to Cunningham Creek Winery to enjoy a glass of wine and say hello to the resident Australian Shepherds: Crush, Corky and Brix. The winery offers live music and food trucks at their Saturday Live events, making Cunningham Creek the perfect destination at which to end your weekend picnic. Bonus points for allowing kids and dogs!

Picnic in Fluvanna